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When you’re in bed with someone, there’s only one rule: The wetter it is, the better it is! This simple line should be your sex mantra. If you aren’t sliding in and out in a fluidic manner, are you even having sex? Jokes aside, having a slippery fluidic motion not only makes the sex more enjoyable but also reduces chances of bruises and tears in the vaginal/anal tract. This further reduces the chances of infection. Anyway, before citing the benefits of lubricants, let us first see what exactly is it. In this article, we’ll go through all the questions which one can have regarding lubes. So, buckle up and read on!

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A One-Stop Guide for Sex Lubricants!
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What are lubricants?

Sexual lubricant or “lube” are liquids or gels that aide in reducing unwanted friction during sex. This sex can either be vaginal or anal. Irrespective of the orifice you’re targeting lube works with great efficiency.

But, what’s the point of getting a lube? The girl should be wet naturally, isn’t it?

True but that’s not always the case. When a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina normally self-lubricates. This makes the overall experience a lot more fun.

Intercourse without natural or artificial lubricant can be painful and can end up damaging the vaginal lining. Your body may produce less lubricant as a result of hormonal changes, menopause, aging, or medication. That’s usually where artificial lubricant comes in.

Artificial lubes can help enhance arousal, boost sexual pleasure, keep your vaginal skin soft, and, most importantly, reduce friction during penetration — whether it’s by a partner or your favorite sex toy. The best part is that you can buy your lubes online at our store!

Okay, so lubes are sexy. But how to use them?

Spoiler Alert: There’s no “right” way to use lube.

Feel like masturbating your pussy on a boring afternoon but your body isn’t getting the message to start lubricating yet? Go ahead and spread… literally.

Some women can’t naturally produce enough lubrication for sex. So they use lube with their partners during foreplay by rubbing it on their genitals dabbing a fingerful inside her vag before the act.

While another girl might just be happy to coat her toys in lube and ride on the horse dildo to unfound joys of sexual pleasures! On the other hand there could be a guy who prefers the lube with his favourite pairs of pink socks!

The point is, how you use your lube is extremely personal and individualistic. So let your imaginations run free and use your lube however you want!

No matter what you use; condoms, diaphragms, or dental dams; lubes can help reduce friction and make sex more pleasurable.

I definitely need to buy lubes now! But what kind of lubes should i buy?

So basically there are 3 types of lubes available in the market:

  • Water
  • Silicon
  • Oil

What you choose is again a matter of personal choice and the use.

Water lubricants

One of the most convenient options out there these can be your “go to” lubes in most scenarios. Also known as “versatile” lube, water-based lubes can be used in practically any activity you can think of — even ones involving silicone toys.

One of the most premium examples of water based lubes would be Durex Play Stimulating Massage Gel And Lube followed closely by Lubido Paraben Lubricant.

Silicon Lubes

These are slippery, long lasting, and are ideal for a your all-night sexcapades! It requires less lube to be applied, and needs reapplication less often. Silicone-based lubes are also great for shower sex or masturbation in the shower, as they don’t wash away so easily. The catch is that silicone-based lubes are a bit more tedious to wash off, as you will need soap and water to clean up afterward. Sometimes silicone-based lubes may also stain sheets. But be careful to NOT use these with silicone toys as the latter will end up eroded.

The leading examples would be Pjur Power Premium Cream and ID BackSlide Anal Formula 4.4 oz Lubricant.

Oil Lubes

These lubes also provide a slippery feel that lasts longer than water-based lube. Oil lubes are ideal for masturbation, penetrative unprotected sex, and water-play. Furthermore, you can also use this for a sensual massage. Oil-based lubes (or any other oil products like petroleum jelly or mineral oil) should NOT be used with latex condoms, as they can dissolve the latex of the condom and may cause latex condoms to break! Latex diaphragms and latex sex toys should also be also kept away from oil based lubricants. Non-latex condoms (like those made of polyisoprene) are also sensitive to oil-based personal lubricants, so check the package before use.

To be fairly honest, this type of lube has got a little scepticism around its use and since i couldn’t really find a speck-free lube in this category, I wouldn’t recommend you any.

So now you know what to buy. But do you know what to AVOID?

There are endless articles that will suggest to you what you should buy. But rarely any would warn you what to not buy. Fret not. We got you covered!

Always keep in mind, the pH of your vagina should always remain in the 3.5-4.5 range. Yea lil acidic. So the lube you buy should also cater to that category.

Check your ingredient list for any of the below items:

  • Glycerin
  • Nonoxynol-9
  • Petroleum
  • Propylene glycol
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate

If they do, it's better to avoid using that lube completely. You don’t want any silly lube ruining your health! Furthermore, check if the lube is compatible with your toys or not.

Are there any side effects to using lubes?

Your doctor would be lying if he said the medicines have absolutely no side effects in everyone. See, in 99.99% of users the lube would be absolutely fine but you never know when you are the unlucky 0.01% of the population.

Therefore just keep your eyes open for simple symptoms like rashes, swellings, reddening etc. If these don’t occur after using the lube, you’re in the lucky majority.

Furthermore, you should always wash off the lube after the job is done. Care should be taken to wash off oil-based and silicon-based lubes since they tend to be a bit difficult to soap away.

The Final Word!

Lubes are absolutely amazing and can end up being your best friend for times unknown. Use it solo or use it with your partner, the results will blow your mind each and every time!

Just keep these tiny details in your mind and your sex life is destined to blast in leaps and bounds!

Product recommendations

It’s like when you combine the benefits of silicon lubes with that of water lubes. Non-sticky, slippery, water soluble cream which gives you a long lasting session of pounding! Sounds like a dream isn’t it? Not until you try Pjur Power Premium cream! Give this product a shot and the only regret you’ll have is not trying it earlier.

Pjur Power Premium Cream 150ml
Pjur Power Premium Cream 150ml

The name says it all. PJjur Power Premium Cream is one of our most powerful silicone and water-based lubricants, for extra hot sex! Its excellent gliding proper...

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Silicone-based lubricants like this one last the longest out of any lubricant. ID Millenium Lube doesn't need to be reapplied as often as other water-based or even silicon based lubricants. Furthermore, with its hypoallergenic formula and slow drying nature, you can surely expect a long night of pleasure with this bombshell of a product! The best part is that it comes in a cute 1 oz bottle so carry it wherever you want without much of a hassle. Those tinder one-night-stands just got sexier!

ID Millennium 1 oz Lubricant
ID Millennium 1 oz Lubricant

An incredibly potent and powerful silicone formula. A few drops of this long lasting silicone lubricant will last for hours. The slip is so strong it will even ...

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Durex needs no introduction. Each and every product by this company is a masterpiece in itself but this one in particular has won hearts all across the globe. With the perfect amalgamation of naturally obtained products, Durex outdid itself with this odourless, colourless, pH friendly, water-based lubricant! It’s as if Durex knew exactly what the customers wanted and formulated a lube just for us.

Durex Sensilube Lubricant 40mls
Durex Sensilube Lubricant 40mls

Intimate moisturing gel for women whom experience dryness. Formulated to replicate the bodys natural moisture. Odourless, colourless pH friendly. In a pump action...

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