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By gone are the days when sex revolved only around the southern hemisphere. If you go back even a few decades, we girls had to “please” our men in bed and it was never the other way round. But now, it's time we take things back in control. Our tits deserve as much affection as do our clits *wink wink*

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Nipple Clamps 101
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I’m talking about nipple clamps. These modest looking tweezer shaped toys aren’t just any random buzzfeed stuff. If used properly they can give you the toe-curling orgasms which you have never even fathomed! Talking from my personal experience let me declare that my first non-pussy orgasm was actually induced using a nipple clamp! How crazy is that!

So yea, before getting into my sex life any further lets get into the basics of Nipple Clamps! Now see, nipples and areolas (the darker circles that surround them) are dense in nerve endings, making them more sensitive than most parts of your body. Interestingly, they are also more durable since they are designed to withstand the potential trauma of a newborn baby latching on and suckling. Thus the intimate contact with the nipples and areolas causes an immediate spike in oxytocin production. Since oxytocin is the hormone responsible for orgasm (and a million other things related to sex and reproduction), this boost can be both very helpful and a lot of fun.

For me, my clamp drawer is a buffet of options but if you’re a beginner who wants to test the waters and probably get into this unknown universe of titty-pleasures, here are some tips for you!

Buy a light nipple clamp and work your weight upwards

Your untrained nips can only be as strong so don’t start off with a bulky chain one and instead go for something light weight like our Screw Press. Later as you become more comfortable, try out the chained variations.

Nipple clamps aren’t just for the nips

Let your guards down and hover around the body pinching and caressing other regions as you drive yourself to orgasm!

If you’ve a nip piercing, remove it before attaching a clamp

Especially if you’re a beginner. This will help in preventing unnecessary problems during the act.

Don’t keep any kind of clamp on for more than 20 minutes

If you’re in for the long haul, adjust and reposition the clamps, but don’t keep it fixed at one place for more than 20 mins as that could stop blood flow and lead to health problems later in future.

Don’t feel shy to try them on your man’s nips!

Last but not the least, try not to shy away from this as seen in many couples. Nipple play can be a great turn on during foreplay even for a man.

Therefore, when you’re shopping for nipple toys don’t just pick any random pair you see. For first timers, it’s always advisable to buy the ones with adjustable lengths. Until you’ve got the clamps on, it’s hard to know if you’ll want something that just holds the nipple out and forward or if you want something that will just kiss the nips and stay like that.

A perfect toy for beginners to start off their foreplay. With stainless metal crossbars, you can go as subtle as you want or as tight you wanna squeeze: to get that toe-curling orgasm out of you! Grab yours or shall I say… squeeze yours right now! ;)

The tweezer style clamps can be great for this because they’re relatively easy to tighten and loosen. They also open wide enough to accommodate a very wide range of nipple sizes.

Clip tip clamps are great for beginners who like the look and function of clips with a set screw. As you saw previously, sometimes the clamps are attached to each other with chains. This is more than an aesthetic addition. It allows you or your partner to gently (or not so gently!) tug on the chain, further intensifying the sensation on the clamped nipples.

Tired of tugging on her nips every now and then? Or are you someone who prefers a constant squeeze on your nippies as your partner squirms you into an everlasting orgasm? Whatever be the reason, these sets of weighted clamps are definitely your best bet. With 6 precise weights, you can load her tits and tug 'em down as you focus on other regions of her delicious body! Don’t sit and think, order one right away!

Long Nipple Clamps With Weight 150g
Long Nipple Clamps With Weight 150g

Especially for those that enjoy a little weight to their nipples we have these sensational Long Nipple Clamps with Weight, a fabulous set of nipple clips with eac...

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Whatever it is, my last advice would be to drop your inhibitions and dive into this titty-play universe. You surely won’t regret a single moment! Happy Clamping!